About Le Bijou

Challenging the big industry

Once this was just a bold idea. We went all-in on it and became the market leader in tech-enabled hospitality.

Alexander opens his first apartment

Le Bijou founder Alexander Hübner sets up his first high-end AirBnB in Zurich, Switzerland as one of the first Airbnb users in Switzerland.


The struggle to replace human work by machines

After several attempts with Homematic and FileMaker®, Alexander seeks for help to make his vision of a fully automated 5* apartment-hotel become reality.


The impossible search for the computer genius

Exhausting from some rather strange meetings with hard- and software professionals, someone finally takes Alexander's hand and he meets his first co-founder in unexpected circumstances: at the gym. Renato joins the team as the fittest nerd ever.


A meeting beyond expectations

Madeleine was probably the only person Alexander didn't meet for a business purpose. After seeing Madeleine's out-of-this-world sales talent he was convinced that Madeleine was the missing part to his team. It took him only 2 years to "sell" the idea to her. Madeleine is not only a gem herself but also came up with the name "Le Bijou".


Second apartment, celebrity guests endorsements

Le Bijou opens their second apartment, visited by Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak who calls Le Bijou "The most outstanding hospitality experience ever".


Units 3, 4, 5

We opened apartment three, four, five and worked hard to make the business easily scalable which was not easy, after hearing the word "no" more than you could imagine.


We did it our way.

Growing a business is easy. You just go to a bank and ask for a loan? The answer is: Hell no! We on-boarded our first investors with the help of lucrative yields and a bold vision.


Double digit growth and the first big revenues

After pushing hard to open new large units we were able to grow double-digits for the first time. The revenues quickly grew beyond CHF1M and would catapult Le Bijou to a rising star of Swiss hospitality.


30 days or less; our 1M bond issue

We raised first significant external investment and the Le Bijou Bond 01/2016 was born. It took us 30 days or less to raise CHF 1M. The investors are still with Le Bijou and invested throughout the coming rounds.


Further growth, closing of the second bond

We opened a couple of new units, sold out the second bond issue. Le Bijou was covered in Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Tages Anzeiger, SRF, National Geographic and more than in 10 other large-scale media.


Credit Suisse and other co-investors

We closed the first property development deal with Credit Suisse followed by other co-developments with two of the largest Swiss real estate companies.


Attracting international luxury brands

After serving thousands of tourists in only a few years, Le Bijou quickly grew to a team of 60 people and expanded its offering to high end events for customers like Google, Uber, UBS, Credit Suisse, Gucci, Rolex, Chloé, Adidas, Hugo Boss, American Express, Samsung and many more...


Not everything is fake news: our increasing visibility.

Sunday Press writes "A media coverage big hotel chains can only dream of" and it is true, we got covered in major articles from New York Times, Forbes, Bloombert, CNN, USAToday, The Washington Post to local medias like NZZ, Swiss Radio & Television (SRF), Tagesanzeiger, Blick, Bilanz, der Bund, Handelszeitung, and many more...


Swiss Economic Award

After the second invitation and nomination to the Swiss Economic Award we finally decided to participate and made it to the final.


A holistic approach: The Le Bijou Owners Club

We are constantly looking for the next innovation. Giving our investors a more meaningful part in our business just felt like a logical next step. What we didn't know was that this model would attract people beyond our believe.


A successful model that continues

We believe that the community model is the future of Le Bijou. After quickly closing the fundraising for our Zurich franchise, we continued our expansion in Lucerne, one of Switzerlands highest performing touristic markets.


Coping with corona as a hospitality business

Le Bijou's business model relies on three revenue pillars: tourists, events and long term tenants. Two of them were wiped out during the crisis. However, Le Bijou managed to make the best out of it and offered quarantine apartments to guests that got stranded or had to self-isolate. This offering received global recognition and was part of over 3'000 international news articles.


Free stress-relief stays for healthcare workers

Le Bijou CEO Alexander Hübner donated his salary to let healthcare workers relax in our apartments free of charge. Other donors followed his example and donated stress-relief stays, which helped additionally to keep our units busy, maintain the jobs of our staff and protect the investors capital.


Global attention for the hotel of the future

Le Bijou's innovative approach with uber-like services, contact-less check-ins to a digital butler that fulfils every wish, has proven be the model of the future.


New locations and properties

In order to meet customer demand, we are looking for new properties and destinations in the largest Swiss cities.


Le Bijou for the last time on SRF Eco

Madeleine Hübner, co-founder of Le Bijou had the great pleasure to give the iconic SRF Eco exclusive insights during one of their last broadcasts.


The future

We are working towards the goal of becoming the biggest and most profitable luxury apartment-hotel chain in Switzerland. After this goal is achieved, we will further expand throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

In The Media

Le Bijou has been making headlines worldwide since 2013


"The idea of a rented sanctuary is taken to the pinnacle of luxury with Le Bijou, a group of 42 apartments in prime locations in Switzerland."

New York Timeswww.nytimes.com


"Le Bijou's 'COVID-19 Service' now offers stays in apartments that can be operated without a staff. It's a way for the company to navigate falling demand during the pandemic."



"A Swiss luxury hotelier started a “Covid-19 Service” offering wealthy clients high-end quarantine apartments with meal delivery and medical services, including virus tests."



"Most of Switzerland's five-star properties have closed their doors, but at Le Bijou, there's luxury accommodation and health screening for the handful who can afford it."



"The Zug chain Le Bijou promotes exclusive 'quarantine apartments' in Zurich with medical supervision and virus tests."

Neue Zürcher Zeitungwww.nzz.ch


"Clever young entrepreneurs have discovered a lucrative new market."



"A young Swiss company offers luxury apartments in a prime location - and has now adapted its offer to the corona crisis."

Tages Anzeigerwww.tagesanzeiger.ch


"The Swiss hotel Le Bijou turns the corona crisis into a new business model."



"Robot butles and mobile check-in: this is what to expect when hotels reopen."

Condé Nast Travellerwww.cntraveller.com


"Luxury, high-end isolations in style, with a personal grocery shopper, visits from a doctor and an in-room test for COVID-19."

Deutsche Wellewww.dw.com


"Le Bijou has 42 apartments, around 30 are now rented for two or more weeks, and only ten apartments can be booked for shorter periods."

Süddeutsche Zeitungwww.sueddeutsche.de


"Le Bijou began marketing quarantine-friendly perks, such as automated check-in (so that guests don’t have to interact with strangers) and in-room medical services provided by Double Check, a private health clinic in Switzerland."

Washington Postwww.washingtonpost.com


"Hotels are starting to advertise quarantine packages to guests as the coronavirus pandemic spreads around the world. One such hotel is even providing coronavirus testing and 24/7 medical supervision."

USA Todaywww.usatoday.com


"Luxury hotel-apartment chain Le Bijou has gone a step further, offering a full ‘COVID-19 service’. The company is advertising ‘quarantine apartments’, featuring in-room coronavirus-testing, healthcare services such as nursing and personal chef service."

Time Outwww.timeout.com


"Le Bijou offer free stays for health-care workers, working overtime to help cope with the virus outbreak, as well as for people in great need."



"A hotel and resort in Switzerland is offering luxury apartments for quarantine during the COVID-19 outbreak. Aside from the typical amenities, the apartments include several coronavirus-themed amenities, including an in-room coronavirus test."

Fox Newswww.foxnews.com


"In Switzerland, high-end hospitality company Le Bijou has begun offering quarantine apartments including in-room coronavirus testing, personal chefs and access to private medical clinics."



"The pandemic has given their business model another boost."

SRF Ecowww.srf.ch


"Le Bijou offers a 'Covid-19 service'. The apartments are configured for a luxury quarantine with meal delivery and even screening test."

Le Tempswww.letemps.ch


"Le Bijou is a hotel that was exclusively built for people who wish to avoid human contact which is the perfect set-up for a global pandemic."



"Le Bijou already catered for a very exclusive clientele, playing host to the likes of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. But even the most luxurious hotels have not been immune to the plummeting demand, which has led to the co-founder and CEO of the hotel chain to get creative."

Daily Mailwww.dailymail.co.uk


"Modern luxury Le bijou apartments in Switzerland have everything for guest that might need during a period of social estrangement, such as a private gym, spa, kitchen, grocery delivery."

Arabic CNNhttps://arabic.cnn.com


"Zurich's 'Le Bijou' is a hotel popular among celebrities. The hotel is highly estimated by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, the Saudi royal family, and 'The Wolf of Wall Street' Jordan Belfort."

Forbes Japanforbesjapan.com


"The luxury apart-hotel Le Bijou is currently in the media worldwide."

20 Minutenwww.20min.ch


"The Covid-19 service provides the opportunity to stay in your own apartment also by resorting to a staff of people made to measure, with a menu of services that in fact serves to “transform your room in Le Bijou into a real private health center."

Forbes Italyforbes.it


"Le Bijou began marketing quarantine-friendly perks, such as automated check-in (so guests don't have to interact with strangers) and in-room medical services provided by Double Check, a private health clinic in Switzerland."

New Zealand Heraldwww.nzherald.co.nz


"If you find yourself in Switzerland, you can now quarantine in style at the Le Bijou luxury hotel chain."



"The Swiss and luxurious Le Bijou includes in its special apartments services such as the possibility of taking a Covid-19 test, and access to services such as the care of a nurse, twice a day, or full time."



"To secure reservations in this unprecedented climate, some hoteliers have gotten creative."

India Timeswww.newsindiatimes.com


"Units are fully automated: guests don't need to interact with any other humans, not even at check-in."



"Le Bijou not only impresses with its exclusive location in Zurich city center, but now also with a very special service. A quarantine stay with add-ons such as in-room coronavirus tests, doctor visits and 24/7 care is the new flagship of the hotel company."



"An innovative hotel manager in Switzerland thinks outside the box. [He] developed a new concept to help [the company] survive through the crisis: 'Covid19 Luxury Quarantine'."



"If you get stuck in Switzerland or think there is a high risk and want to quarantine yourself - this is the best service you can find."



"One Swiss firm has found a way to stay afloat offering a luxury COVID-19 isolation service."

Asia Tatlerph.asiatatler.com


"While the coronavirus outbreak hit the hospitality and tourism sector, a company in Switzerland found its way out of the crisis by offering luxury quarantine service."



"[They took] quarantine to another level."

The Bestwww.thebest.gr


"Le Bijou has partnered with a Swiss private hospital to offer guests twice-daily medical visits by nurses for an additional 800 francs a day."



"A hotel chain introduces 'COVID-19 Quarantine' service."



"All accommodation units can be operated without personnel, including check-in, so that customers have the opportunity to remain completely isolated. You don't have to shake hands with anyone."



"The intuition guided the founders of Le Bijou to turn the quarantine into something as pleasant as it can get."



"Le Bijou introduced new security measures - food is delivered without contact - food is left at the door, all rooms are disinfected before and after guests arrive, and various other precautions are taken."



"The hotel and restaurant industry has run into great difficulties due to the pandemic. However, some luxury hotels have found a niche in the viral crisis."

Helsingin Sanomatwww.hs.fi

About the founders

Le Bijou is a network of high-end apartment hotels

Alexander Hübner

CEO & Co-Founder @ Le Bijou

Alexander is an entrepreneur since birth. Prior to founding Le Bijou, Alexander founded and ran a media & advertising company. Alexander’s endeavors in business have been widely recognized by international organizations such as EY Entrepreneur of the year (nomination) and the Swiss Economic Award (finalist).

Madeleine Hübner (Fallegger)

CCO & Co-Founder @ Le Bijou

Madeleine is Le Bijou’s sales & communications superstar. She was widely recognized for her achievements with Le Bijou, appearing in Women in Business 40 under 40 (most successful women in business). She studied Art & Design at Parsons in Paris and is fluent in 5 languages.

Renato Steiner

CTO & Co-Founder @ Le Bijou

Renato has over 20 years of experience in delivering technology excellence with an unparalleled customer focus. Prior to Le Bijou Renato worked for big corporates such as multinational banks and insurance companies. He studied at NTU (Taiwan) and speaks fluent Chinese.

Alexander Hübner

CEO & Co-Founder @ Le Bijou

Madeleine Hübner (Fallegger)

CCO & Co-Founder @ Le Bijou

Renato Steiner

CTO & Co-Founder @ Le Bijou

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