The first tech brand to digitalise the luxury hotel industry: A virtual concierge system makes Le Bijou the hotel-experience of the future, creating a new, more intimate experience for guests. Our digital concierge system James and interactive interiors make every stay perfectly personalised: crafted and managed by bits and bytes.

Each Le Bijou apartment is fitted with this interactive technology which is connected to our concierge service. Not only is James a virtual concierge, but our unique technology concept has the ability to learn from interactions, working away invisibly in the background to create a personalised and organic experience for every Le Bijou stay. With our interactive app, everything is just a tap away.

Former Apple and Pepsi CEO John Sculley talks about our innovative brand Le Bijou and how the interactive technology of our virtual concierge James will bring the hospitality and travel industry into the digital age.

John Sculley about Le Bijou

“What Le Bijou has accomplished is to put all the things that otherwise would be complex for a traveler into a very simple, elegant experience. If we can replicate this kind of experience that Le Bijou has given us around the world, that would be really something to look forward to.”

Not only John Sculley but also former Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak is convinced by the concept of Le Bijou. Steve Wozniak says: “Le Bijou - The MOST elegant, personalised, exclusive hotel in the world (and I stay in over 80 hotels every year)”.

Le Bijou aims to become the leading hotel alternative, providing a more comfortable, efficient and valuable lifestyle and accommodation service for today’s luxury traveller. Le Bijou is redefining the lifestyle concept of a hotel, bringing the classic service model into the digital century.

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