Le Bijou is one of the Top 10 most beautiful event locations in Switzerland

In recent weeks, more than 8,500 event organisers and visitors, as well as an independent jury of experts, have honoured the best locations in Switzerland as part of the Swiss Location Awards 2018. More than 500 hotels, restaurants, congress and event locations from all over Switzerland were nominated.

Swiss Location Award 2018: Le Bijou receives an award

Le Bijou participated in this year’s Swiss Location Award – and achieved a top position! Organizer, visitors and expert jury have voted the location 9th place in the category Event & Party Rooms.

“We are delighted with this top position and the recognition it expresses”, says Le Bijou CEO Alexander Hübner, adding: “This award confirms our vision of creating the hotel of the future: The most personal and innovative luxury hotel alternative in the world.

Madeleine Fallegger, CSO at Le Bijou continues: “Every stay and every event is truly individual – from event recommendations to the food and drinks we can provide for an apartment to the services we offer. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has named us the “most elegant, most personal hotel in the world”, and this is a man who stays in over 100 hotels every year!


Steve Wozniak about Le Bijou:


The Swiss Location Award 2018 was presented by Switzerland’s leading event portal. eventlokale.ch supports over 50,000 organisers and event makers from all over Switzerland every month in the search for locations and the planning of events.

Source: Swiss Location Award – go to the website

Top brands use Le Bijou to build and strengthen their brands

The stylish ambience in Le Bijou Apartments gives a sense of style, luxury, and privacy, with the advantage of a fully integrated interactive audiovisual system. It gives customers, prospects, and influencers the feeling of being something special and builds a world around the brand they want to experience.

Launch your brand or product in the unique setting of a Le Bijou apartment with a view over the city – including a feel-good factor and unique ideas that will positively surprise your guests.

We believe that a presentation should be more personal than showing PowerPoint slides. Le Bijou is an extraordinary venue for everyone: from technology giants to fashion start-ups. Our blend of contemporary design, advanced technology and the best locations in the city make Le Bijou the perfect choice for a new kind of corporate event.

What is the value for real estate investors?

Organising high-quality events in the luxurious Le Bijou Apartments has a whole range of advantages for real estate investors:

  • Le Bijou opens up new, high-quality customer segments, even beyond the classic overnight and tourism guests.
  • The experience shows that guests at an event in a Le Bijou apartment like to carry out their own future events also with Le Bijou.
  • The utilization of Le Bijou real estate, which is already in high demand, continues to rise, which leads to higher achievable rents and ultimately to the highest possible preservation or increase in the value of the entire property.

The unique thing about Le Bijou

Le Bijou is the first enterprise to digitize the upscale hotel sector. Le Bijou combines proven and already successful elements from other revolutionary concepts such as Airbnb with a completely new kind of travel comfort. The innovative apartment concepts and groundbreaking service software “James” make Le Bijou an attractive hotel alternative.

Le Bijou concept is easy to scale – and with it the yield!

Le Bijou works at every popular location in the world. The brand can be easily adapted to local conditions and can also be expanded strongly with franchise-like models. In order to establish new flagship projects of Le Bijou in top locations and to increase brand awareness, Le Bijou is further expanding its network in strategic locations and in top locations.

Personalization increases customer loyalty and increases capacity utilization

Whatever a guest desires: Le Bijou fulfils every wish. All apartments have “James”, a digital butler who can make tailor-made recommendations, book services such as meals or transfers and even change the music, lighting and ambience of the apartment. This innovative technology learns from interaction with guests and ensures that each stay is perfectly tailored to individual needs.

We examine each destination very closely for its growth potential and can bring additional units onto the market within a short period of time if required. This approach has two decisive advantages: market leadership at the particular location and secure price control. This form of market coverage also means lower risk for investors.

Photos of selected Le Bijou Apartments:


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