Located in the heart of Zurich at the famous Münsterhof next to the Fraumünster Church and right behind Paradeplatz, Le Bijou presents a Swiss masterpiece in hospitality: The MH6 Penthouse Apartment.

MH6 Penthouse Apartment

Münsterhof 6 is Zurich's most exclusive overnight accommodation with over 180 m2 in size, space for up to 8 people and spectacular view over the city's landmarks.

The penthouse apartment features an in-room sauna, private outdoor Jacuzzi, a fully equipped kitchen and bar combined with services on demand. Münsterhof 6 is discreetly hidden on one of Zurich’s oldest buildings. The perfect combination of tradition and modern hospitality.

To make good things even better, the luxury apartment MH6 has been extensively extended.

Look for yourself:

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