All in one

From zero to one.

Le Bijou acts as a developer, general contractor, and operator. This means investors benefit from the margins of all value chains.

In the past decade, we have gained enormous know-how, network, and human resources to get projects off the ground to run the entire operations.

Starting from scratch

Inhouse design studio

Our design team develops our signature contemporary chalet-chic interiors. Every hinge and screw is carefully sourced and planned. We want to get every detail right and therefore attach our bespoke technology already in the planning phase.

The design team then produces photorealistic 3D renderings, enabling us to walk around the planned rooms with VR goggles and other tools.

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Managed process

We produce and build Le Bijou ourselves

Once the blueprint for a new Le Bijou has been finalized, we go into production. This means we produce our made-to-measure design and furniture modules with our tech pre-installed. Once production has been completed, we convert the building into a Le Bijou apartment house or unit.

Our team of electricians, plumbers, carpenters, fitters, and construction workers has decades of experience and knows exactly how to meet our high-quality expectations. Nothing is left to chance, our holistic approach ensures that the Le Bijou experience is consistent, from the drawing board to placing the Bettmümpfeli (Swiss word for bedtime chocolate on the pillow).

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Our process

Research and planning

We thoroughly research and analyze the premium real estate market to identify the most compelling opportunities using our broad network in the market.


Opportunities are only selected and presented if our criteria for location, quality, infrastructure, ambiance, and aesthetics are met.

Planning & preproduction

Our design team thoroughly plans each property in-house and creates blueprints for each development, including our made-to-measure furniture, design modules, and our tech.


The production team then produces our interior modules off-site, installs our tech, and prepares the entire spectrum of the interiors before sending the team to the construction site.


To keep the construction process as short as possible to decrease rental downtime, our team ensures the site is prepared once the trucks with our mead to measure interiors arrive.

Technology integration

Once everything is up and running, our IT team connects all preinstalled tech and thoroughly tests the apartment.

Quality assurance

Before opening a new Le Bijou for our guests, we test every single unit, optimize processes and give it a final check.

Opening doors

Our operations team makes sure the listing is bookable and active on all channels, and the marketing is in place to commence operations.

A new operating system for real estate

Real estate has always been a cornerstone of wealth generation and preservation. Le Bijou merges this highly secure asset class with a high-performing, fully automated operational model.

Le Bijou creates tech-enabled apartments that transform buildings into cash flow powerhouses. We service hotel guests, high-margin long-term tenants, and top-tier corporates with our unique product.


Discover our investment opportunities

Deal-by-deal investing

Invest in individual development cases and earn the developer's margin, the owner's margin, and the operator's margin.

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We are happy to answer all your questions in a personal meeting or call. Le Bijou representatives are available for in-person meetings all over Switzerland and, upon availability, in Europe.

Schedule a call with one of our representatives to determine if a bond investment is right for you.

Fabian Coray,
Director Investor Relations


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