We have ditched stodgy working methods and hacked the old-school way to run a company.

Le Bijou is managed and operated by a borderless, multi-cultural, dynamic team of international, colorful, and flexible talents working remotely to create what Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak calls the most outstanding hospitality experience of his life.

Using a 21st-century model based on decentralization, flexibility, and cross-collaborations, Le Bijou is wielding today's tools to reduce costs and overhead, work smarter and faster, and push the envelope. Our zip code is Swiss, but we work anywhere and everywhere on creating the lighthouse of innovative, tech-enabled hospitality.

Symbolically, an old Chinese saying goes: "When the wind of change blows, some build walls, others build windmills," and the Swiss hotel chain Le Bijou perfectly embodies it.


Company Details:

Le Bijou Holding AG
Gubelstrasse 24
CH-6300 Zug

UID: CHE-212.193.272

Contact Details:

E-mail: invest@lebijou.io
Phone: +41 44 533 16 00 (ENG only)

Media inquiries:

Responsible: Jean-Francois Tanda
Please send media inquiries exclusively by e-mail.
E-mail: press@lebijou.io


Interested in working at Le Bijou? Send blind applications to the following e-mail (will not be answered unless we are interested).

E-mail: careers@lebijou.io
Phone: +41 44 533 16 00 (ENG only)

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