Our ties with Moonshot

Beyond investing

An investment into Le Bijou represents entry into an exclusive network of individuals, like-minded people passionate about real estate and keen to collaborate to increase their return.

Since 2018 we have been working closely with Moonshot, an international investor networking that is providing its members with unique opportunities from private markets - like Le Bijou. Moonshot structures, reviews, and distributes private equity, private debt, private real estate, and pre-IPO opportunities for its members and manages Le Bijou's investor relations department.

"Small acts can transform the world when multiplied by millions of people."

About Moonshot

An investment in Le Bijou entitles you to access the exclusive investor network of Moonshot. We have joined forces to provide an even better customer experience and the opportunity to network and access private market investments.

Among their portfolio, investors can access opportunities like SpaceX, Synhelion, Piëch Automotive, or strategies from KKR, Blackstone, The Carlyle Group, and many more.


In good company.

At Le Bijou, we believe that personal relationships are the enabler for almost anything. Our community is our most precious good. Every once in a while, we meet to exchange ideas, get inspired, and enjoy life together.

Extraordinary achievements should be rewarded with extraordinary moments. For our members, we offer simply the best and don’t compromise on it.


Flagship events

Meet our extraordinary network

Every year we host exclusive flagship events at stunning locations. Get invited to one of the fastest-growing networks of investors, entrepreneurs, c-level executives, and like-minded people from all walks of life. It’s a gathering to savor and enjoy “la bella vita.”


Networking that works

Laidback, relaxed settings

To keep our community alive, we host networking events regularly. While others stay in boring venues, we follow a different approach and select a stunning setting and “extracurricular activities.”


Membership perks

As a Le Bijou investor, you are entitled to a Moonshot Circle membership. Enjoy premium membership perks from the companies and products the network has invested in.


Join the Le Bijou family.

Joining the Le Bijou family stands for more than just investing. We represent a community of like-minded individuals who are deeply inspired by our work. We much rather say no to hyper-growth and following a venture capital trajectory and rather put our hearts into our projects.

We stand for a new breed of entrepreneurs who truly care about our work's impact on society and all aspects of life. This is why people often say that the Le Bijou spirit can be felt in everything we do.


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