In 30 days or less - experts are still arguing - Le Bijou accomplished its first mini bond funding; a perfectly elegant private placement.

Not many moons later we set sail to conquer our beloved homeland Switzerland and plan the expansion throughout local touristic jewels.

It's our great pleasure to announce our latest creation, the Le Bijou Bond 02/2016, which will take 2016's splendour over to the promising lands of 2017.

The 60 months duration with two sweet pull options enabling the investor to exit the bond after 12 or 36 months, make our second child agiler and more attractive to short-term investors. As in the old days, it pays the bondholder a fixed and robust return of 7.125% per year with quarterly interest payments. Backed by the company assets, the Le Bijou Bond 02/16 will round off a very successful 2016.

To bring back warm-hearted tradition to the cold world, we present the bond certificates and coupons in the striking Le Bijou packaging. And since we like to keep it old school, the bond comes as a private placement that we distribute exclusively to you.

We cheer to a promising 2017 and would be delighted to have you on board.

Source: YouTube


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