Innovative, surprising and state of the art. The business Madeleine Fallegger and Alexander Hübner have been running since 2015 in Kreis 1 at Münsterhof is a big success.

Le Bijou founders voted by the Who is Who in Zurich among the 200 most prominent personalities

The two, who are privately liaisoned, act in their own "Hotel of the Future" as hosts of a particularly luxurious kind. The start-up company "Le Bijou" of the 26-year-old and the 29-year-old is aimed at wealthy hotel guests. Starting at 1200 francs per night, the guest is provided with a luxury apartment, a digital butler, a whirlpool on the roof and a private sauna.

There is no name on the house wall. A reception is also not available. At the wooden door on the ground floor, you only have to enter a code.

"Our guests want more than just a nice hotel room; they want to experience something," Madeleine Fallegger told the "NZZ". Since its foundation, there have been 23 apartments to choose from, each of which is rented and remodelled by the startup. There are also 19 accommodations in Berne, Basel, Lucerne, and Zug.

"Le Bijou is intended for private and business travellers as well as for families from the Arab region who spend several weeks in Zurich in the summer to escape the heat at home," Fallegger explains.

Photos of selected Le Bijou Apartments:







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