Modern technology increases the comfort and value of real estate

Is it possible to increase the value of real estate by using smart home technologies and, if so, how concrete? Not every gimmick presented to us at the corresponding trade fairs is suitable for sustainably increasing the value of real estate. However, between the various gimmicks, there is high-quality technology which is suitable to increase the comfort in the living and living area and thus to increase the value of real estate sustainably.

Smart Home - digital transformation in our apartments and houses

Smart Home describes the linkage of our home and living area with devices and systems. Smart Home refers to apartments and houses in which all devices are connected by sensor and communication technologies. The result is a networked house ("connected home") that can be controlled from outside (e.g. via smartphone) and from inside.

Examples include lighting, consumer electronics, household appliances, heating, blinds, roller shutters, but also security technology such as cameras and locking systems. By connecting to the Internet, all these systems can be operated and monitored remotely, i.e. while on the road. Smart Home becomes particularly comfortable when the system "knows" what mood the occupant is in when he or she arrives in the apartment. If a long working day is behind him, Smart Home can regulate the lighting so that the occupant can relax ideally. The right music follows him every step of the way, the apartment is pleasantly tempered and the virtual fireplace is already burning. These are not scenes from a science fiction film, but the sensible use of concretely applicable and usable smart home technologies.

Smart Home can not only significantly increase comfort, but also increase energy efficiency and break-in security. In addition to the obvious ecological advantages, Smart Home can also have a very positive effect on the increase in the value of a property.

Many areas of the home can be digitized with Smart Home. Here are a few examples:


  • Sensors detect the opening of windows or doors at unusual times and report this - up to the alarming of a security service.
  • The events in the apartment or terrace can be followed live on the smartphone via cameras - at any time and from anywhere.

Heating and Ventilation

  • The apartment recognizes when it rains and the windows are open. These can be closed automatically.
  • The apartment has the ideal feel-good temperature for the residents and regulates the heating accordingly - depending on the time of day, the season and the day of the week.
  • Blinds and awnings can be retracted or extended depending on the position of the sun and the time of day.

Consumer electronics

  • Smart TV knows the preferences of the residents and current TV highlights, such as the Soccer World Cup, and turns on the TV automatically at the right time.
  • If the residents are not in the apartment, the Smart Home recognizes this and automatically records the shipment. As soon as the occupants enter the apartment again, you will immediately receive a corresponding message.
  • The complete entertainment electronics - from Smart TV to the sound system, game console, computer, and tablet - is centrally controlled by Smart Home Logic.

Household appliances

  • The refrigerator detects missing food and can order it automatically.
  • The washing machines and dishwashers start at the ideal time.
  • and much more

How real estate investors benefit from Smart Home

In addition to the expected rental income, real estate investors have the sustainable increase in the value of the property in mind - these are the two relevant factors for an investment decision.

The fact is that the use of modern Smart Home technologies increases tenants' comfort, which leads to higher occupancy rates, higher achievable rents and ultimately to an increase in the value of the entire property. The integration of intelligent Smart Home technologies makes sense and pays off, especially when constructing new buildings or renovating existing ones.

Enhance your property with Smart Home: reduce costs, increase sales

There are numerous ways to reduce the operating costs of a property with Smart Home. The most obvious possibility is that all readings such as electricity, gas, water, etc. are automatically sent to the administrator or the energy supplier. The recipients can process the transmitted data record automatically - the manual, faulty reading and entry of consumption data, which has been a thing of the past, is no longer necessary. With Smart Home, the ventilation and heating of the property can be monitored and controlled much more precisely. By monitoring the room humidity, mold growth can be prevented and expensive repairs can be avoided.

As costs fall, the return on the real estate investment increases. In addition, there are numerous studies that prove that the value of a property can be sustainably and long-term increased through Smart Home.

Double-digit growth in the Smart Home market

According to a recent study by the IT industry association Bitkom, more than 1.5 million German households could already be networked by Smart Home in 2020. For 82 percent of the consumers surveyed, Smart Home is the future. And anyone who already links sensors and devices in their home today will not want to do without them in the future: According to 78 percent of those surveyed, Smart Home applications are indispensable. (Source: Bitkom). According to this forecast, Smart Home will establish itself as the standard.

In this respect, real estate investors are well advised to invest in properties that are already equipped with Smart Home technology. In this way, operating costs can be reduced, living comfort increased, capacity utilization increased and a sustainable increase in value can be ensured.

From a technological point of view, two development directions for Smart Home are conceivable: On the one hand, the operation of the Smart Home systems is being further simplified by intuitive control. These can be gesture-based or speech-based control. On the other hand, the ever-increasing computing power and AI-based systems make it possible for Smart Home systems to "learn" from our behavior, become "more intelligent" and proactively adapt to our wishes and needs.

This is where Le Bijou HRM AG comes in: Le Bijou reinvents the operating model for hotels in the 21st century. With optimized and digitized services, a more efficient business model with a better guest experience is created. It is personalized, but largely without employees.

Le Bijou digitizes and virtualizes the classic concierge service

Each Le Bijou apartment is equipped with a 24/7 virtual concierge service called "James". With this and the in-house app, guests can tailor their Le Bijou stay to their personal needs. Supported by Augmented Intelligence, James can make anything possible for any guest at any time. From a 24-hour concierge and shuttle service to private dining, spa and security services: Just ask and James will take care of the rest. This concierge technology available in each apartment is able to learn through interaction with guests. It works invisibly in the background and makes every Le Bijou stay a perfectly personalized, lasting experience.

As soon as a guest makes an enquiry, it is transmitted to our carefully maintained service provider directory. The first service provider to accept the request has the job. In this way, the needs of our guests are quickly and efficiently met by a partner we trust. Just like a traditional concierge - only better and more cost-efficient.

Photos of selected Le Bijou Apartments:

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