Le Bijou, the first tech brand to digitalise the luxury hotel industry. Le Bijou brings the traditional hotel into the 21st century. This is an age when we want it all – and Le Bijou provides that.

Picture: Steve Wozniak together with Madeleine & Alexander, two of three Co-Founders of Le Bijou
We transform high-end city centre apartments into fully automated, beautifully designed accommodations, conceived and crafted with Swiss attention to detail. Classic five-star hotel service meets the exclusive atmosphere of a private home, digitalised and designed to perfection. The 21st-century solution for those who want the best, wherever they are in the world.

Steve Wozniak about Le Bijou

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak talks about our innovative brand Le Bijou and why he thinks we created the best hotel experience he has ever had.



Photo of selected Le Bijou Apartments:




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