An investment in real estate from Le Bijou generates an annual yield of up to 7.125%. The Swiss company transforms apartments with smart home technology into networked luxury hotels. So smart that even Apple founder Steve Wozniak is enthusiastic.

There is money in the account. It's time for an investment. But where is the best yield hidden? The call money account does not yield anything in the low-interest rate, gold is expensive, safe federal bonds of the Swiss Confederations hardly lucrative shares a volatile business and to enjoy with caution. Real estate remains an investment opportunity. But even here, many investors appear to be insecure, especially with regard to long maturities. After all, empty properties and real estate bubbles are a recurring theme.

But investing in real estate is indeed lucrative - as long as the properties are in prime locations and follow a future-proof operating concept. And it is precisely these factors that Le Bijou fulfills and thus offers investors a safe haven.

7.125%: Smart hotels are a yield turbo

Operating concept: Le Bijou transforms apartments into smart hotels

Le Bijou invests in apartments located in the most popular districts in Swiss cities and equips them with luxury furniture and modern smart home technology - including a virtual butler named James, who communicates with the guest via loudspeaker, smartphone, and tablet and is self-learning.

James not only controls the heating, lighting, and music on demand but can also book a table in a restaurant to suit the guest's lifestyle, call a shuttle service or commission a security service. All services are networked with each other. The taxi of the partner company plays the guest's favorite music, which James got to know beforehand in the apartment.

7.125% yield / Apple founder Steve Wozniak is impressed

Le Bijou's personalized smart hotels are enjoying increasing demand. Although an overnight stay is not cheap, a night costs at least 1200 francs, a monthly rent between 5000 and 8000 francs. But the occupancy rate of the apartments is over 92 percent. Once the equipment has been refinanced, the apartments generate returns that classic hotels only dream of. Investors currently receive a fixed annual return of up to 7.125%.
And the VIPs are also enthusiastic, such as Apple founder Steve Wozniak, who is known for his flair for sustainable innovation. "Le Bijou is the most elegant, personalized and exclusive hotel in the world - and I stay in more than 100 hotels every year".

Steve Wozniak about Le Bijou:


The feedback shows: The operating concept for Le Bijou's real estate is in sync with the spirit of the times. There remains the question that is decisive for investors: Will the idea still be up to date in twenty years' time?


A study by the Fraunhofer Institute: The Hotel of the Future is Networked

The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering and Organization (IAO) provides an indication. In a current study called "Future Hotel Building 2052", it deals with the hotel of the future. The experts are convinced that the hotel of the future will be a building block in a highly networked environment, and that cognitive computing will play a key role.

"Cognitive computer systems use artificial intelligence to acquire their own learning content, draw conclusions, make predictions or give advice. The entire customer dialogue can be automated, both in the hotel and online, before or during booking," the authors write. "The system understands guest wishes, interprets them correctly and provides helpful answers. Cognitive computer systems help to maintain service quality at a constant, highest possible level and contribute to guest satisfaction."

Le Bijou has already taken this path today and with its smart home solutions will always keep its finger on the pulse. In order to achieve permanently high yields.

Photos of selected Le Bijou Apartments:







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