Under construction - fully funded

Project summary

  • Outstanding location at next to Bahnhofstrasse Zurich (entry and building address Sihlstrasse 17)
  • 21 multifunctional junior apartment suites
  • Restaurant/bakery on the ground floor
  • Features Le Bijou's updated design and esthetics (2023)

understanding the difference

Main reasons why Le Bijou beats traditional real estate

The Le Bijou operating model is one of a kind and has shown resilience in extreme situations like the corona crisis or the war in Ukraine. The Zurich Portfolio has performed at an average of 12.5% p.a. over the last three years, despite the sector's worst period ever.

LEARN The difference

Diversified revenue

In contrast to traditional real estate investments such as multifamily homes or office buildings, a Le Bijou property doesn't rely on a single income stream. Our revenue streams are well-diversified across short-term touristic and business bookings, long-term residential rentals, exclusive corporate and private events, multipurpose income such as home-office, quarantine stays, brand representation, and more.


No rental caps

Residential properties are burdened by increasing regulations and restrictions on rental increases. In most countries, particularly in Europe (and Switzerland), tenants are better off than landlords. Rent nomads can sometimes stay in an apartment for years without paying rent. Rent increases are extremely difficult to enforce and are increasingly capped or lowered by legislation. We are not subject to the Residential Tenancy Act but only conclude temporary accommodation contracts.

Inflation ready

Our clients are not price-sensitive, and dynamic price increases are generally accepted by our guests and residents. Generally, companies selling luxury or premium products struggle less during inflation or recession. Le Bijou can adjust prices dynamically daily. Our corporate clients are prepared to pay an additional margin for our excellent brand reputation and willingness to walk the extra mile.

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We are happy to answer all your questions in a personal meeting or call. Le Bijou representatives are available for in-person meetings all over Switzerland and, upon availability, in Europe.

Schedule a call with one of our representatives to determine if Le Bijou is right for you.

Fabian Coray,
Director Investor Relations


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