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Unleashing the full potential of real estate investing

Le Bijou creates tech-enabled apartments that transform buildings into cash flow powerhouses. Invest in prime real estate assets operated by an exceptionally profitable, crisis-resistant, and competition-proof business model.


Now open for institutional & private investors.


Invest deal-by-deal

Invest in individual development cases and earn the developer's margin, the owner's margin, and the operator's margin.


Invest in a portfolio

Get diversified exposure to a fully operational portfolio of Le Bijou apartments via our franchise operators and invest in individual cities. Since 2018, investors have received an average performance of 11.57% per year.


Earn a steady income

Fixed income with 7.125% interest

Invest in fixed income bonds issued to develop operations and new Le Bijou properties.

  • 7.125% fixed interest per year in Swiss Francs
  • Monthly interest payments to your account
  • Starting from only CHF 25'000
  • 5-year term with repayment on maturity


What others say about us

A new operational model

Realizing potential


We provide hotel guests, long-term tenants, and top-tier corporates with tech-enabled accommodations.

Our operational model is based on diversified revenue streams and tech-enabled operations to radically reduce overhead.

Operational model


Beyond investing

An investment into Le Bijou represents entry into an exclusive network of individuals, like-minded people passionate about real estate and keen to extend their network.



An investment to be proud of

Invest in buildings with history, redesigned and renovated with our award-winning contemporary Swiss design in the centers of some of the world's most desirable destinations.



Member benefits

Aside from our legendary events, we reward investors who spread the word and help us build our community with an extensive set of investor benefits.


Our network is our net worth.

Le Bijou is a proud member of the Moonshot investor network. Our synergetic collaboration has helped optimize occupancy without spending large budgets on advertisements.

Since our early beginnings, we have focused on creating a strong community around our brand. Investors became guests, and guests became investors. It's an ecosystem that supports itself, enabling us to provide maximum return.

We further extended our synergies with Moonshot, a cross-collaborative network of entrepreneurs, investors, and like-minded individuals. This holistic approach created an ecosystem that has outperformed traditional forms of investing since over a decade.

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